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Dimension Surveys provide highly detailed, quality plans covering the following services and more. Our turnaround time is fantastic and we cover jobs ranging from small residential projects to large commercial sites.

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    Topographical Surveys

    The remit for a topographical survey can sometimes change from site to site but we always pick up as much information as we can. This tends to include, existing structures and building outlines, details of boundaries, positions and sizes of trees, street furniture, spot levels over the site, changes in surfaces and levels, service cover details and drainage information.
    Dimension Surveys can complete 2D and 3D topographical surveys accurate to Ordnance survey standard. We ensure all our surveys are concise, are clear and have the most relevant data for your project while utilising the latest GPS technology.
    Dimension Surveys undertake surveys throughout the UK. These range from small residential gardens to large commercial sites meaning whatever the job Dimension Surveys will be able to cover you.
    For us to provide you with the best quotation we can, it is best to provide us with a plan of the location with the area to be surveyed clearly marked along with photographs if possible.
    All land surveys are produced by the surveyor that physically collected the data on site, ensuring continuity from the beginning of the project to the end meaning we provide the best service we can.
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    Measured Building Surveys

    A measured building survey shows you architectural features and structural elements to give you the best representation of all aspects of your building. We provide accurate and detailed floor plans together with scaled elevations and sections.
    Surveying technology continues to evolve and Dimension Surveys has made sure we invest in the latest instruments to provide the most accurate and reliable information. With this we can make sure we can cover any jobs regardless of size, type or specification.
    We can also provide building roof plans using reflectorless lasers and scan data to provide detail otherwise inaccessible or that might usually be a health and safety risk.
    We make sure we understand exactly what the client needs with their Measured Building Survey meaning we can provide the best service we can for you. This means we provide the survey you require, when you need it together with a very competitive price.
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    3D Laser Scanning Surveys

    From each individual scan a full 3D model of the building in question can be produced called a 3D point cloud. We can draw highly accurate floor plans, elevations and sections from this data once the data has been processed.
    Because of the high detail and density that the scanner gathers in the information, this means we know we are producing the most accurate plans we can and also means we do not have to return to site as we will have the most information you could need.
    We use a FARO Focus 3D X 330 and this can scan up to 330 meters away. This scans millions of points per second and with its post processing feature and integrated GPS receiver, it is able stitch individual scans together itself making it a fantastic option for us to use when carrying out our surveys.
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    Underground Utility Detection Surveys

    Using non-invasive technology, we are able to ensure high levels of underground detection accuracy with the latest instruments including ground penetrating radar. With this we can detect utilities including fibre optic cables, telecoms, electricity cables and drainage systems.
    The Ground Penetrating Radar works by listening any reflections in the ground caused by differences in electromagnetic pulses of the materials underneath. This means it can detect obstructions or changes in the ground such as concrete, foundations, tunnels and pipes or drainage.
    All of our surveys are presented clearly showing the relevant different layers in AutoCad and will include a report ensuring you have all the information to continue with your project.
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    As Built Surveys

    Dimension Surveys can carry out a customised As Built survey of any element of your project and produce a clear and accurate report to highlight any problems long before it may be critical.
    These can provide valuable information including whether the job is being done properly, what level of completion the project has reached, and if the construction that was authorised is actually what is taking place. Workers can use this information to extend deadlines, and when violations are found it can be used in remediation procedures.
    Is your feature column plumb? Will those long-awaited expensive windows fit? Can you achieve the correct screed depth? Are your floors level enough? Finding a problem the day a new trade starts on site can be costly in both time and money.
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